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DREAM - meticulous I was with this autistic man, Andrew, who I once knew. I was trying to put together a jigsaw. I was very meticulous and organised. I was trying to find missing bits which might have been hidden behind some bins.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The autistic man in the dream was someone who was extremely disruptive and never let the dreamer do anything. The next day the dreamer was due to escort a friend who had cancer to chemotherapy. The dreamer intended to get on with his work on his laptop whilst he expected his friend to sit quietly undergoing quite a tiring treatment. His friend tended to be very disruptive and talked non stop so this plan might easily go wrong. Indeed this friend was told he was borderline autistic by a relative who worked with autistic people. The dreamer was involved in a major work project and was very meticulous and exact towards this project.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The best way to interpret dreams is in reverse. You look for a possible trigger of the dream and then try to see what relevance the various symbols have towards these issues.

The dreamer thought of a situation the next day where he was thinking "I will help my friend with his cancer treatment tomorrow and worry it might be a nightmare as he is borderline autistic and never stops talking."

The autistic man in the dream seems to be a symbol for the dreamers friend, who was suffering from cancer, but who was also borderline autistic. The dream featured someone else who actually was highly disruptive and autistic. The dream was hinting at this type of thought "My friend can be highly disruptive, he is nearly as bad as Andrew (in the dream)."

The jigsaw seems easy to analyse, it represented his work project. He was as meticulous with this project in real life as he was with the jigsaw in the dream.

The dream seems to link to this exact thought process "I intend to escort my friend to his chemotherapy. I will hopefully get on with my work on my laptop whilst he undergoes this gruelling treatment. But I never know with this freind, normally he never lets me get on with anything. He never stops talking".

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