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Killing snakes dream

o Snakes can translate into words such as "problems" and "jealousies." In this case the main "negative" feelings and situations in tnhe dreamers life linked to the beauty pageant the dreamer was taking part in. The snakes could therefore be inerpreted as "jealous competitors" and the meaning of the dream could link thoughts like "I will overcome the jealous and bitcht behaviour of the other girls"
DREAM - Killing snakes I found a whole bunch of snakes in my backyard so I put them in a plastic cup and killed them This dream was posted on on the July 11, 2011, 10:01 by . It was viewed 174 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:Competitors in an upcoming pageant

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Most dreams represent ideas and feelings in your mind which you are all too aware of. This dream is about your feelings towards other competitors in a pageant. How does it exactly capture those conscious views?


1. SNAKES. Snakes represent all kinds of negative feelings and thoughts. In this case it is probably a symbol for all sorts of negative feelings such as jealousy and ruthless competition.

2. KILLING SNAKES. This shows that you want to confront fears and problems. So you are willing to confront and meet any challenge coming to you. In this case it shows that you are prepared to meet the challenge involved in ruthless competition.

DREAM ANALYSIS This dream covers two themes

- confronting problems without fear

- negative human emotions such as deceit and jealousy

If you weave together the different themes you

find that they could capture these thoughts -

"I am aware of all the problems with pageants - the ruthless competition and jealous. But I am prepared to meet that challenge"

COMMENT This probably shows your own lack of fear. The snakes represent cut throat competition and girls at their jealous worst. This shows that you are fearless and willing to take the competition on.
by Unclesirbobby
COMMENT Think of anything to do with cups? Maybe that is a very specific association. Maybe something stuck in your mind and gave you that fearlessness.
by sheldon

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