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Intruder dream - depression

THE DREAM I am in my own flat. I have everything arranged just the way I want it(in my own odd way). Suddenly this guy just walks in and I feel really annoyed. He just waltzed in without asking. He then said in a sarcastic voice that I was just imagining things. I had fantasies. He reminded me of a really odd man I know.

THE REALITY The dreamer had got into a situation with a woman. She was very outgoing and the dreamer was very shy and timid. Shortly after they met she had greeted him in a very flirty way. He was taken aback by this and made a fool of himself. He had been very upset and depressed at the time. Soon he found himself annoyed and then obsessed by this person. He felt it was her fault for being too flirty and outward going with him at a time when they really didn't know each other.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams will ponder over the new thoughts as you have them. This dreamer was feeling like a fool because he of how he had acted in front of a woman he was attracted to. The whole situation had turned wrong.

The way the intruder just waltzes in just reminded him of how this woman had had intruded upon his own personal space by being too open with him at a time when they really didn't know each other.

The man is taunting him about how he was having fantasies about someone he didn't know. This represented the dreamers increasing obsession with this woman. He was now obsessing about her and thinking like a lovestruck teenager.

Yet the male intruder was someone who in real life was the strangest person the dreamer knew. This represents the dreamers feelings. He accepted that his own behaviour was inhibited and often strange. Yet this woman's behaviour was a little strange too. Just too flirty and uninhibited.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
ARRANGING BEDROOM: The dreamer acknowledges his own need to do things his own way even though that was very different from everyone else.
IMAGINING: The situation had upset the dreamer and he was now founding himself obsessed by the woman and fantasizing about her.
INTRUDER: The woman in real life had really not recognised the dreamers need for his own private space.
INTRUDER IS STRANGE MAN: Although the dreamer was perfectly aware of his own strange behavior he believed that this woman had caused the situation by her own odd behavior. She was just too outgoing. It was just too much.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I am odd myself and that I have ended up having ridiculous fantasies about this woman. But she has caused it just as much with her ridiculous flirting"

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers assessment about his obsessive attraction.

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