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Stagnant pond water - dream interpretation

The dreamer had become recently depressed so we may deduce that stagnant water could be a symbol for that depression.

THE DREAM - I was in my garden and sat happily. There is a pond and its lit in the sun and goldfish are swimming around. Then I realise that some of the fish are dead. The water is stagnant

THE REALITY The dreamer had been happy within herself but then she became very depressed. She had been wondering where those good feelings had disappeared

DREAM INTERPRETATION Goldfish are often associated with golden thoughts. They can symbolise golden and creative thoughts - religious rapture. In this case the dream captures the happiness the dreamer felt just a short time ago. The death of the fish symbolises the depression.

Ponds are often symbols of the dreamers close personal thoughts. They symbolise how the dreamer is looking at their own emotions. Perhaps they are very inward looking at that moment.

Symbolic Meanings
GARDEN : "the dreamer is growing as a person"
GOLDFISH : "golden spiritual thoughts and great happiness"
POND : "looking at your own emotions"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "A couple of days ago I felt so happy but now I feel so depressed. "

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