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Dream about drug dealer

A dream about drug addicts was not about the dreamers worries about illegal drugs. It was actually triggered by his worries about prescription drugs as he feared he would soon have to take drugs for mental health problems.

THE DREAM I am in some hospital type place. I am with David (he is someone who suffers a similar bowel disease to me). He is playing a tune in some way yet it had no harmony at all. Then there is this very paranoiac guy I know who has recently been imprisoned for dealing in drugs. He is telling me about a USB disk which he is selling for just a pound (quite a dodgy price and from someone who would not trust). He tells me he is doing me a favour yet he seems extremely agitated.

THE REALITY The dreamer suffered from chronic bowel disease and was prone to severe depressions. These had recently got worse. He was worried that he may have to take prescription drugs for depression. Many of the people he knew who had severe mental illness did not seem to get better.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Often dreams use people to point out how you are behaving. Here a man very similar to the dreamer appears. He suffers from a similar chronic bowel disease and also chronic depression and paranoia. The dream is really using this man as a comparison. Up till recently he had an almost identical set of problems yet the dreamer was coping better than this man. Yet recently his depression had become much more severe. The dream was drawing attention to the fact that the dreamer was starting to suffer as badly as this other man who was chronically depressed and paranoiac.

The Music played was in total disharmony. This represents the lack of harmony in this other man's life. He was almost entirely dependant on the mental health services to treat his chronic paranoia and depression. He was not happy and frequently suicidal and paranoiac.

Maybe this drug dealer appeared as a symbol for taking prescription drugs for depression. He symbolizes the negative sides of drugs - paranoid and threatening drug dealers who you avoid at all costs. The dreamer was worried about having to take prescription drugs with their negative side effects.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
DISHARMONY: "This man suffers similar bowel problems and copes very badly suffering from major bouts of depression. He was living in disharmony - continually unwell"
HOSPITAL: "The dreamer was worried that he may need further treatment for depression. He felt he certainly needed it!"
MAN WITH BOWEL DISEASE: "This man was in real life very similar to the dreamer. Both had chronic bowel disease and depression. Yet up until recently the dreamer had coped better than this other man"
PARANOID DRUG DEALER: "The dreamer is thinking he may end up having to take drugs for depression and is wondering about the negative side effects of these."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am definitely getting worse. I am not coping with bowel problems and my mental health is deteriorating. I may have to take drugs for depression but I just worry what the side effects will be"

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