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Evil spirit takes over my body dream

Arguments and tension in real life will continue into your sleep and dreams. Try to see how this dream pinpoints key feelings eg "why he would do that at an intimate moment?" or "an evil spirit controls my actions".

THE DREAM This morning. I've been awake ever since my horrible dream. I fell asleep, stressed out. I married a man who is verbally abusive, we have been arguing a lot lately. My family is scared for me to go and be with this man. (He has been in another country since we've been married in May). Let me get to my I meet up with him and we are intimate, he starts to go through my phone while kissing me. We begin to argue about why he would do that at an intimate moment. He then gets up and goes in the other room and starts a chain saw. At this point, what seems to be my spirit flies up to some higher spirits to see what can be done to stop this man with the chain saw. There is some disagreement. My spirit soars back down towards my house but instead of going directly to my body, floats around the house and then my bedroom for a while (it is very upset because it does not get the answers it wants in the sky, the whole way to the sky, the spirit encounters other spirits telling it that it can't fly high or fast enough to do any good). I can see my body laying there once I get back into the room. Then somehow, an evil spirit controls my actions. It started with me doing little mean things, then turned into more evil (I remember most of it but it's kind of graphic so I'll keep it to myself). I had to fight to get this thing out of my body. At one point, I looked in the mirror and did not have a face. It was me but with a blurry,blanked out face. This evilness seemed to grow more powerful until I started to kick and scream and breath very rapidly and make noises to try and wake myself up. It seemed as though, when my spirit was out of my body the evil spirit was able to get in and make me do bad things in my dream. It sounds crazy but it is very real to me still.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been very stressed out. The last thing on her mind before sleep was how bad her life had become since she got married. She had to make a decision that week about whether to stay with him. She was scared to be with him but also scared not to. She felt like she no longer had control over her life.

THE INTERPRETATION If the dreamer had to make a big decision at the time of the dream then its likely that the dream links in some way to this big decision. Maybe its an insight into her situation.

The dreamer described how she lacked control over her life. Before her marriage she had her own career and had control over her life. How could that be expressed in a dream? Perhaps the mirror symbolizes her efforts to look at herself in an open and honest way. The fact that she sees nothing shows her own lack of identity.

The evil spirit undoubtedly symbolizes her own husband. His evil and abusive ways. Later on the spirits control her and make her do evil things. Perhaps this represents the dreamers own feelings - that her husband is taking her over and transforming her personality. That she is somehow at fault - she is her own worst enemy.

The dream even uses the word disagreement. That's not by accident. That disagreement probably represents her own mixed feelings and emotions. That she is aware of her own weaker side which gives into her husband. She is aware that she wants to continue the relationship even though she accepts her husband is abusive.

Symbolic Meanings
DISAGREEMENT : "A disagreement in the dreamers own mind - her own mixed feelings"
EVIL SPIRIT : "The effect the dreamers husband has on her - controlling her and abusing her"
MIRROR : "The dreamer is taking a serious look at her self. Seeing how before she had an identity and now there is nothing left "
PHONE : "Her husband reads the phone messages as a form of control"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have to make a decision about staying with my husband. I know he is bad for me but I cannot imagine being without him. I know he is changing y own personality from inside. I lack any kind of control. It was not so long ago that I had my own identity. Know I am just a part of him - taken over. "

See how the symbolic meanings use metaphors to capture the dreamers emotions about a big decision she had to make

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