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Psychic dream - prisoner released

It is a spooky coincidence that this dream about a Farc prisoner occurred just before she was released the next day.

THE DREAM On Tuesday afternoon, out of the blue, I had a thought about the FARC prisoners, specifically the women who was running for president when she was captured. I had never seen her face in the articles I had read about. I thought to myself that I hoped that she was still alive. On Tuesday night I had a vague, blurry dream about a dark haired women in her 40's, being very very sad, but suddenly very happy. Today I heard about the rescue of the prisoners.

THE REALITY This dream features a very obvious coincidence. It would be easy to argue that of all the people in the world someone may get a dream that would happen on exactly the same day of the prisoners release. Just how coincidental does something have to be? I would tend to argue that this is a premonition. But it could clearly also be a simple dream. The dreamer has a knowledge of current affairs. Occasionally they will seep into dreams. Ultimately with a dream like this we can never truly tell. It may have been a premonition or may have been ordinary day to day dreaming. A simple dream showing the dreamers empathy with any trapped in general. There is no correct answer at the back of the book.

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