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Father worried about house dream analysis

THE DREAM I am in some fairly large house. I am looking at the bare room. It is my own bedroom. It is fairly bare but there has been a computer that has been sneaked into the room. My parents know nothing about this. My father comes in and he sees the state of the bare walls. The place is been redecorated. He expresses a concern over the walls. There are holes that have been drilled into the wall. I believe that there is no problem yet my father is very worried.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been experiencing health problems recently. She had had drug and alcohol problems and she felt extremely tired often. This was now becoming a major issue yet she wasn't really facing this.

DREAM ANALYSIS Walls can often symbolise the state of your own health. The state of the walls can symbolise the body and your general health. The problems with the walls link to the obvious issue dogging the dreamer at the time(her health).

Her father is symbolic of her own more responsible side. Parents symbolise caution and responsibility. So maybe the father symbolises how she needs to be more cautious and take account of the damage she is doing to her body. A father can also impose order and maybe links to the fact that soon things may spiral out of control. That order will be imposed.

The computer is a sign of rationality and clear thinking. But here the computer is sneaked in without the parents knowledge. That maybe shows and corresponds to the dreamer and how she was nationalizing her own illness away and not responding to the obvious facts about her health.

Overall the dream linked to an issue that was very important from the day before. The symbols and interpretation both matched her own feelings. She knew she was trying to hide from the facts about her health yet she knew she was not really facing up to the issue.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
BED : "relates to intimate personal issues not necessarily sexual - your very private and inner self - feelings of intimacy and closeness"
FATHER : "a need to impose order - the dreamer needs to sort out her health problems as they are getting out of hand"
HOLE : "flaws - the dreams own bad health and weakened body"
HOUSE : "your own health - the dreamers own body and current health situation"
LARGE HOUSE : "an issue which involves your own personality and the outside world - the dreamer is being forced to act because of the state of her own health "
SNEAK : "pretending that something is not happening"
WALL : "your general physical health"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have not really been facing my drug and alcohol problems. Yet things seem to be drifting out of control. Maybe soon things will be taken out of my hands."

See how the symbolic meanings represent a key feeling that the dreamer had the day before

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