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Igloo dream

THE DREAM I was in a nice warm igloo. It had these babies in, some kind of creatures. It was cold but they were comfortable. It was their home.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was suffering from severe anxiety and had toothache. He had started to isolate himself and stay at home. It was better staying at home than getting stressed out outside.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dreams will often link to the types of very personal thoughts that we might write in a diary. This dreamer was becoming very withdrawn and was seeing nothing for himself in the outside world. He was trying his best to occupy himself within his own home.

Given this knowldege of the dreamers state of mind the dreams symbols make perfect sense and simply seem to mirror reality. The world around the dreamer seems bleak and uninviting, just like the world around the igloo. The home in the dream seems bleak but the dreamer is making the best of it.

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