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Vomit everywhere - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was up a skyscraper - it was the top floor. I was scared of going in the lifts. I am petrified of heights and do not like lifts - I have a fear that they will fall to the ground. Later I was in this apartment and it was really messy (it reminded me a bit of my home). I was also sick - or at least there was vomit all over the place.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had been thinking about her severe mental illness. She suffered from severe phobias and had been talking to her illness to a counsellor the day before.

GUESSWORK: Most dreams are about issues that are on our minds at the time of the dream - try to guess what a dream could be about and then look for ways in which the dream symbolism could be linked.

ASSOCIATIONS AND DREAM SYMBOLISM The following associations and symbolic meanings can be applied to the dream.
1. Heights. If you suffer from heights then you suffer continuous anxiety. Such a dream could easily represent any situation where you feel continuous anxiety.
2. Vomit. Vomit and untidiness was a symbol of the extreme squalor that the dream lived in.
3. Untidy. The untidy flat was in total chaos and this reminded the dreamer of her own really untidy flat. She suffered from extreme mental health problems and her apartment like her life was in utter chaos. The untidiness was a symptom of her poor health.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream seems to deal with the following themes.
- Chaotic untidiness. Living in squalor
- Extreme fears

If you weave together the various symbolic meanings and associations and relate them to real life then you find the dream captures the following feeling - "I suffer from bad mental illnesses and in particular phobias. I was talking about my mental health issues yesterday to a counsellor."

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