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Offended dream

THE DREAM I was on top of a skyscraper and I was sat with someone. I was saying "I have got to go". I was panicking a lot because of the heights. I was worried that the person might be offended that I suddenly went.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was suffering from mental health problems and did not like being around people. The previous day he had bumped into someone who he had been good friends with. He ignored her and she was confused about why and was probably offended. The dreamer was not really wanting to talk with anyone.

DREAM ANALYSIS: A dream of a panic attack was extremely relevant to the dreamer as he had just had a panic attack the previous day and often suffered from panic attacks. The other part of the dream also had great relevance as the dreamer might have offended someone because of his sudden disappearance. This dream merely replays the key points of this situation the day before. It recreates the panic and also the worry about offending someone.

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