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A parasite telepathic - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I dreamt of a perfect parasite. It was very futuristic and other worldly. It was telepathically taking control.

THE REALITY The dreamer was suffering from a major depression. She was begin to accept and wallow in her feelings of worthlessness.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If you are suffering from a major depression then dreams will tend to be about you and your depressive illness. Depressive feelings take control and occupy your entire mindset. Daily events will be of secondary importance.

This dreamer had become very depressed. The parasite is a perfect symbol for her state of mind. Depressive thoughts were taking over and eating away inside her emotions.

The telepathy is a secondary symbol. It is as if another being is taking over and telepathically communicating with the dreamer. This is just the metaphor that the mind chooses. It occurred at a crucial moment in the illness. The depression had just deepened leaving the dreamer completely taken over with negative feelings. It was as if the illness was taking over controlling her every thought.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
PARASITE: "Depression was eating away at the dreamer"
TELEPATHY: "The dreamer felt taken over - it was as if a parasite was transmitting how she could think and feel"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "This depression is getting worse. Its taking over and eating me from inside"

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