Children's competition - dream analysis

Look for little coincidences in dreams. In this dream a child was spelling words incorrectly. The day before the dreamer had been thinking about someone who spelt badly. This is a hint that the dream is linked to the dreamers feelings about the person whose English and grammar was poor.

THE DREAM - I was judging a competition for young children. I was thinking that the best entry (which I choose as the winner) was from a very young child's I looked at the spelling and it was the worst I had ever seen but still I liked this.

GUESSWORK The previous day the dreamer had been collecting together some letters to publish in the local community centres newsletter. One letter stood out as exceptionally insightful yet this letter had terrible spelling.

1. Spelling. The terrible was a clear association with something that happened the previous day. The dreamer had seen terrible spelling in a letter to the dreamers local community centre newsletter. This letter had also stuck in his mind because it was so insightful despite the poor spelling. Such an obvious coincidence is too much to ignore (the dream had poor spelling and the letter the day before had poor spelling). Coincidences like this do simply not happen in dreams. It shows that the dream was clearly about this letter the day before. It will likely capture some key intuition the dreamer has about this issue. In this case the dreamer was thinking about the nature of good and bad writing. Normally good writing goes hand in hand with good spelling. Yet clearly poor spelling is not an indication that a letter is not worth reading.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about a letter the dreamer had read the previous day . It deals with the following themes.
- Judging what is good and bad writing
- Poor spelling

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I read a letter for sent to the Community centres newsletter yesterday. It was the worst spelling I have ever seen yet I still thought the letter quite insightful. It just made me think that people who spell very badly can indeed be very insightful and intelligent."

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