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Harry potter and devil dream

Dreams are about our thoughts and emotions and often dreams will be triggered by day to day events. This dreamer was thinking about heaven and hell the night before. Try to see how the dream explores these themes.

THE DREAM Okay, so I was at school one day. On that same day, there were a bunch of random TV's in the hall way, and the news was on saying that some death eaters (Harry Potter) were planning to blow up the school. However, none of my teachers believed it. So I kept on walking down the hallway and then I just heard a thump and saw a bunch of red and white. All of a sudden, I woke up in this really hot room with and Indian lady inside it. The room was totally carpeted and had 2 zebra striped beds in it and a whole lot of peacock feathers. It really reminded me of my uncle's furniture store. One wall was just a wall with carpet all over it, and then at the front of the room it was completely open, like it was lacking a door. In the back, the ceiling started getting lower and lower until it just ended in a point. But on the other big wall, it was glass. And through the glass you could see the next room, and it was full of people I knew from my school, in my grade. They were all mushed together and sitting in a bar eating oatmeal. Then I remember a boy named Ty (dude in my grade) turned around and scowled at me. (which was strange because he's super nice in real life) Just as I noticed him the Indian lady pulled a curtain over the glass wall and said "Oh my, didn't need to see that." There was also another person in the room with me, my friend Gracie. The lady informed us that this was a place called Link. It was the deciding place for either Heaven or Hell. We would be kept here over night and in the morning it would be decided, and then she disappeared.(I'm guessing this is like purgatory)So I sat there thinking to myself nothing but "I love God" for the rest of the night, and Gracie did the same.

In the morning, we woke up and there was the Indian lady again, sitting on this new sofa that was in the room and she was smiling and crying. She told us that rarely anyone here ever gets into Heaven, but we did. She then told us to go into the hallway outside of the room and follow the arrows to Heaven. Then she disappeared again. Gracie and I both left, but when we got outside the room we heard a booming voice coming from the next room. So I told her to stay there and I'd go check it out. So I ran to the other room which was also lacking a door. There was a fat old man with a red sequin pitchfork and those little headband horn things, and a black suit with a coat tail. He then looked at me and he was like "Ah, an angel, how nice of you to visit. Please come in." He treated me like I was his superior, and so I came in. In this room was everyone from my grade at school, and there were rows of bars and kids with oatmeal and water. I then found a bar where one of my other best friends were sitting. She looked really worried and so I told her to come sneak out with Gracie and I to go to Heaven. So we hid among the rows of kids and quickly got out.

Gracie was still waiting outside as I left with Courtney. I had just stepped out of the room when I heard his voice again calling "Who DARE deceive me?! Where is that brat?" I figured he was talking about Courtney so all three of us ran as fast as we could. Finally, we got to the end of the hall where there were two really big doors will light pouring through the cracks. I took a step towards them and looked back at my friends and said "We're here." I gently pushed open the door and light swept through the halls. I was so excited to see was was on the other side, but the light was blinding. I saw nothing but white. Then, as soon as my eyes adjusted, I came into a place that held a bunch of different glass rooms, but we were outside and it looked like a luxury hotel pool setting, there were a bunch of water fountains and hot tubs and pools and a beach down on the other side. There was barely anyone there, so Courtney, Gracie and I kept walking. As we walked we came upon the rooms and peaked through them. They were all in rows and on the outside of the glass, there was a sign that said "Toddler's Heaven" and inside was a bunch of blocks and toddler toys. There were a whole bunch of different heavens and they were all very small unsatisfying. I almost wanted to cry. I ran down to the beach and started screaming "We've been tricked! We've been tricked! This isn't Heaven! This can't be!" Then all of a sudden, there was a whooshing sound and my friends and I were falling down a grassy hill. The hill was one that was, in real life, at my deer camp. I was tumbling down and suddenly felt the urge to stop completely, so I stopped. Right as I stopped my friends bumped into me and stopped as well. In front of me was a hole, so I looked in where the moon light was pouring into it (it was night now, by the way) and there were a bunch of starving, growling hyenas looking at us. I stood up and noticed that there were holes EVERYWHERE. Everyone of them holding hyenas. I then walked on down the hill where I heard some rustling in the trees around it. I told my friends to stop and stand still. Then some people, old and young, came out in tattered clothes. They looked starving and scared. They asked us if we were looking for Heaven too. I said yes, the heaven we saw before looked like more of a tourist attraction than an actual heaven, and it couldn't have been real. They agreed and we headed off. They kept saying "We aren't far now," or "It's just around the corner." But we never saw it.

The dream then has this kind of time lapse and it's years from when we were tumbling down the hill. The people and us haven't aged a bit, though. Then, I stopped suddenly and they all looked at me strangely. I noticed that we were going back up the hill where we first met, and the hyena holes were still there. Then I turned around and started crying. They asked me what was wrong and I was like "Don't you see?

We're....we're dead. There is no Heaven or Hell, unless this is hell. There's not day, only night. And all we've done is wander in a circle. How long have you wandered like this?!" Then they answered "All of our days" in unison. Then I woke up.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION When I had this dream, I was questioning whether Heaven or Hell existed. And I had also fallen asleep to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. And I think that's pretty much it....

Posted at October 22, 2011, 11:06 by AmeteurAstronomer (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED October 22, 2011, 15: 6: 28) Hi

dreams do link to intellectual questions and tasks that we set ourselves. We can have creative dreams which inspire music and art. Your dream is an intellectual and emotional exploration of the question - do heaven and hell exist? It explores this in various ways. It introduces poverty into the question perhaps by featuring people in poor clothing.

Iceberg rose (POSTED October 22, 2011, 18: 6: 54) Loved your dream - what an inner adventure you have had exploring what heaven and hell is and is not from your point of view - and the point of view of those presenting what it might be in the dream.

I loved your perseverance and your willingness to challenge what you can see and hear with the senses you already know in the awake world.

The sense you are developing is an awareness of what is real and what is not real when it comes to the heaven you are seeking. Your dream has shown you it is not as easy to find as it seems and that is the important lesson I got from it as I read what you wrote.

This reality is truly enough to make a grown man cry as the old saying goes. I could relate to your dilemma.

However I loved your energy and courage as you faced the challenges the dream presented - the hardest one being an idea that you might all actually be dead and that there is no heaven or hell - only night.

Given your reference in the dream to God it suggested to me you have some Christian teaching in your background or you may be a Christian already.

Jesus talked about the people of his time being dead when he said "Let the dead bury the dead - follow me."

So many of Jesus's saying and comments are hard to fathom but I have found they help me understand my own dreams and the reality I perceive even though no one else around me does.

Jesus also said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you so your dream was exploring your inner world as it is today. The dream landscape can change as we grow and develop over the years so don't give up hope that there is a heaven that can be found. I found mine after over fifty years of searching for it. Thanks for sharing your dream - I loved it - especially the hyenas in the holes. So life like.

N (POSTED November 6, 2011, 18: 7: 58) Wow! That's a really neat answer!

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