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Dream of a huge tornado funnel

THE DREAM I saw that I was in a car on an unknown road but all of a sudden, when I looked outside, there was big funnel cloud all the way from the sky to the ground. I did not see it moving though. It was like looking at a picture.

THE REALITY The dreamer was having some problems at my work for the last week. It seemed as if there is something new every day.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams come to us at pivotal moments. They come at moments which seem to have meaning. Perhaps we are spotting some new pattern forming in our minds. Clearly this dreamer was able to link stress at work to the tornado dreams. Normally we can deal with stress. It comes occasionally into our lives. This dream comes at a pivotal point. The dreamer is spotting a pattern at work. Suddenly things seemed to have got a lot worse. The stress and problems are continuous - this is new. This is what the dreamer has spotted. This dream is what has resulted. It shows that the stress or problems have been noticeably bad or seem continuous in a way in which they have never previously been.

Symbolic Meanings
PICTURE : Imagination - the dreamer is picturing the problems at work as getting worse
TORNADO : Stress caused by problems at work

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am having problems at work right now. Its really like there is something new to cope with every day "

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