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Crocodile attack - dream

This dreamer had never seen a crocodile in real life so its meaning was not literal. Instead its likely that the dream linked to the dreamer mental state. The crocodile was simply an example of lifes difficulties - and how he coped in the dream reflected how he coped in real life.

DREAM - Crocodile attack - normal There were some crocodiles and I was watching them get free. I said that they were getting free and my father said that this was normal.

This dream was posted on on the November 12, 2011, 06:06 by Chaos. It was viewed 66 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I have had serious mental health problems. I am recovering from a nervous breakdown. I am trying to get back to normal. The night before I was worried about the economic situation as I know some friends who are in danger of redundancy. The night before I was told that a friend would learn if she was to be made redundant on a certain day. I was comparing my problems to hers and to people in general.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Often I try to translate the extreme symbols that appear in dreams in normal everyday things. Your dream contains a crocodile - that translates to something like this - I AM VERY SCARED ABOUT THAT. It could easily represent the fear of losing your job. You are scared of returning to the everyday world and facing everyday problems. Yet at the same time you are realising that everyday life has changed since your breakdown. You cannot cope with the economic problems and insecurities. The dream is you way of saying "There is so much economic insecurity about right now. I worry about my own problems and breakdown yet actually everyone is facing an extreme situation right now".

Dreams are about how you relate to problems as they arise.

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