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Comforting house dream!

Dreams can often link to emotions that are revolving around our heads. The day before this dream, the dreamer actually visited a house as her parents were viewing it (to buy). This dream seems connected to that visit.

DREAM - Comforting house! One night I dreamt that I was walking to my house at around dinner time. But I was a little far away from my house, somewhere I usually wouldn't walk from. I remember being angry with my mom, and I was upset with my sister, and I passed this house that this lady used to live in. She had passed away, and the house was for sale. I called my mom, since she didn't know where I was or what I was doing. She was hysterical, and I remember telling her "Don't worry I'll be okay, I just had to come here, I had to." Then I hung up the phone and I went around the back of the home, and the back door was unlocked. No one was inside. There was an unmoved pot on the sink and I touched it. I started crying, but I felt really comforted, and I felt safe.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:My family and I had looked at this exact house for sale the day before,and were thinking of buying it. I had gotten into an argument or two with my mom, and the pot I touched was on the stove, and I felt a connection with this lady that had passed on.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well the dream is definitely about the house you looked at the day before. Dreams like this are very useful for study. We can start to really understand what a dream means when we know definitely what its about.

As a dream captures your feelings and thoughts then how could this dream be symbolic of your thoughts

Its basically an emotional dream. It all revolves around this connection with the old woman. It probably captures this moment of meaning as you touched the stove. it got your imagination moving. Some people could be freaked out by this - someone who has died. But you like the story and for some reason it has captured your imagination in a good way.

Some people might go as far to say that there might have been some supernatural connection here - you met the old lady who passed on. But there is no way f proving this either way so its pointless speculation.

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