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Suicide by jumping off - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was on the dream mood dream forums somehow chatting, wearing a black T-shirt with a pirate printed on it in white. Somebody sent me a message saying "who's the girl in the pirate shirt" I replied with my silver elegant phone by saying "that's me." I went on walking in the corridor, I found out that two people a boy and a girl had committed suicide because they were under pressure, no one told me but I knew. I got a message again; from the same person saying "who's the girl in the pirate shirt" I replied with my silver elegant phone by saying "That's me. Didn't you see my users' picture on MSN messenger?" The boy and girl had taken an over dosage in some sort of drugs, and jumped off the top floor of the building landing into an aquarium full of water. Then I walked along, and the same person who had messaged me was standing in the corridor leaning against the wall with his hands in his pocket.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had some quite frightening experiences with premonitions. Very real and bad things had happened. This had had a major effect on the dreamer who had become scared to go to sleep and taken to drink to avoid the issues. Just recently she had talked on dream interpreting forums and many people were trying to encourage her to have more positive views about dreams. But really this was never going to work as the dreamer will always have the bad experiences of dreams lurking at the back of her mind.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream featured a dream forum and so its quite possible that the dream links to the current state of her opinions on dreams. The elegant phone was a symbol that had featured in her dreams before. It had always been a symbol in dreams which were major premonitions. In this dream it may not be a symbol of a premonition but rather a symbol linking to all those premonition dreams which featured an elegant phone. So this is a big clue as the dream is about the psychic dreams that the dreamer had previously had. It was about her elegant phone dreams and her feelings about those.

Skyscrapers are symbols of human emotions and often symbolise how we feel about something (either good or bad). But here the boy and girl jump off to their deaths. But in hitting the ground they are doing something very symbolic. The ground in dreams links to the facts and reality. So in hitting the ground they are looking for a more realistic approach based on the facts. And this indeed corresponded very much to the dreamers real life thoughts. She had been influenced to think of dreams in a more positive way but now she was coming to the conclusion that psychic dreams are facts and that they can be linked to things that were not always positive. The boy and girl link to attempts to get her to have a new opinion about dreams based on feelings. They are linked to a more spiritual and positive view of dreams being good and such views are quite dominant on dream interpreting forums.

Suicide in dreams can link to something where you have "given up" trying to do something. In this case the dreamer had given up on trying to feel more positively about dreams because at the back of her mind lurked the reality as she sees it - that psychic dreams are real.

Drugs in dreams often linked to skewed vision and delusions. So perhaps the dream captures the dreamers opinions about more spiritually minded people. She feels that a positive view of dreams based on spiritual enlightenment is just nonsense that is delusional. Dreams can reveal the future but their message is not always going to be positive.

So in reality the dream captures the dreamer giving up on attempts to see dreams in a new way and instead basing her opinions on the facts as she sees them. The man in the dream does nothing. In the dream he is obviously associated with the elegant phone and therefore links to the psychic dreams. Men often link to issue involving intimidation and male emotions such as fear. So he represents her fears about psychic dreams. In the dream he is doing nothing and that links to the real life way in which bad dreams have not been bothering the dreamer as much recently. But they do not have to anything and his simple presence shows that her fears of psychic dreams still remain.

Aquariums link to dreams in many ways. Water is symbolic of the unconscious mind and an aquarium links to the studying of particular thoughts coming from our subconscious and how we are studying them. In some ways they are symbols of former dreams that we have studied.

Its certainly not an easy dream to interpret especially the skyscraper but this interpretation was symbolic of the thoughts that the dreamer was having. She was now forming her own view on dreams based on the reality of dreams as she saw it.

Symbolic Meanings
AQUARIUM(water): "water and fish link to life within our ever changing and moving subconscious"
AQUARIUM : "studying the subconscious and dreams - "
DRUG : "many people are divorced from reality -their view on premonitions is highly unreal"
SUICIDE : "give up on something - the dreamer wants to give up trying to feel good or bad about premonitions and simply wants to address the facts"
TOP FLOOR : "feeling good or bad about something - the dreamer has been trying to have a more positive attitude towards psychic powers"
T-SHIRT : "a casual image towards something"
WHITE : "clearness, clarity and understanding"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have had many frighteningly accurate premonitions. Recently people have been trying to convince me that I should take a more positive view of them. But these scare me. I hate premonitions and they are not fun."

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