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Council estate dream

THE DREAM I was in Newcastle and was looking at some rough council estate where the children were growing up. It was a kind of housing estate which was very high up here was a cliff which had no guard rail. It was very steep.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had noticed that he was feeling a lot more intimidated around young people. He was not as young and fit as he once was and feared being mugged. He had especially noticed them on dark nights and felt a little vulnerable. This was not a major change and the dreamer felt that he was probably exaggerating how bad things were. In the week following he did not notice any more young tough looking lads in greater numbers than usual. This day was just random.

DREAM ANALYSIS: It is possible to interpret dreams in reverse. This dreamer had been thinking how many more teenagers were around and how he felt a little intimidated by this. A dream can translate into thoughts just like this.

During the day he was thinking how many more rough tough looking kids are around. During his dream he is suddenly transported to one of the roughest toughest council estates where kids are dragged up. That's no coincidence. The dream simply means "my surroundings suddenly seem so much more intimidating."

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