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Stealing photos dream

Look for associations (coincidences) in dreams. This dream featured "stealing photos" whilst in real life the dreamer felt that someone was trying to be friends with him just so he could get some photos for free. This suggest that the two issues are connected so look for other connections.

THE DREAM The dream is a bit confused. There is something about people stealing photos. I am then looking at something small. Its called a Molesc. It is slow moving and its rather like a snail. I am calling it by its proper name. I touch the snail and it melts into the air and moves right towards me. I wake up and feel awful. Its such a slimy feeling.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had been asked if he could give some of his photos to a stranger. He had taken the pictures of this person singing. He felt that the person was being highly complimentary in order to get the photos for free. He obviously had no intention of paying.

DREAM ANALYSIS dreams are often about events which have just happened. Its always best to see if any key events or thoughts seem in any way consistent with the dream symbols. In this case photography had been a key issue the day before. The dreamer had been asked to provide some photos to a musician he had watched and photographed. The musician obviously wanted the photos for free. This is a good link and so the other symbols could be examined to see if they are consistent.

The photos are stolen in the dream. That does seem to link to real life in a symbolic way. The stolen photos represent the dreamers belief that the musician wishes to take his photos without paying for them. He wants something for nothing. So that symbol seems consistent.

The snail is a creature that the dreamer feels is disgusting. He cannot touch or look at them without feeling a little sick. They make him want to cringe. That self same feeling is of extreme relevance to this situation. The dreamer just wanted to cringe when the musician was praising his photos in a false and cringe worthy way.

The dream also features the dreamer naming something in a correct way. That seemed relevant too in a way. He was wanting to describe the musician asking for his photos exactly as he was. He felt he was rather slimy - his compliments were cringe worthy.

Symbolic Meanings
GIVE SOMETHING ITS PROPER NAME : "The dreamer wants to describe this person exactly as he is - slimy"
PHOTOS STOLEN : "The dreamers own photos are not appreciated properly"
SNAIL : "The dreamer cringes at the sight of these - he was cringing also at the over the top compliments made about his photos"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know he just wants the photos for free. He is being very complimentary but once he gets the photos he will be off like a shot. His compliments are cringe worthy."

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight about something which has just happened in the dreamers real life.

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