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My mother says he likes children - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am at somebody's home. They appear to have several children - three I think. I am playing with the children and the mother says he appears to like the children.

THE REALITY The day before was a depressing and dull day for the dreamer. He decided to do something about it and get out and about.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The children stand for enthusiasm for life. They also symbolise the freedom the dreamer has to go and do things to interest him. He had a dull start to the weekend and then decided to get out and about on the Sunday. His plans had been disrupted and now he had to think of new things to fill the gap.

Notice that the dream involves the number three : Three is often a play on words(3 sound like free). So this number symbolises freedom of choice. It shows that you are free to do something and free to decide not to. This is an issue over which you have freedom of will. Children are often linked with new projects and interests that make us enthusiastic. The dreamer was able to spot where this dream was triggered. The previous day his plans had been disrupted and it ended up rather a dull day. The next day could have been the same but he decided to think of something new to pass fill the void.

Symbolic Meanings
CHILDREN : "a need to get enthusiastic about something - the dreamer needs to find something he is enthusiastic about"
MOTHER : "worries - the dreamers own worries about his lifestyle and a recognition he was in a rut"
THREE : "freedom of will - the dreamer realises its up to him to make the choice"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Yesterday was a depressing and dull day. Today I have got to do something interesting"

See how the dreams symbols link to the dreamers assessment about the previous day

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