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Dream interpretation - good photos

THE DREAM I was near a river. Someone was taking pictures of the opposite river bank. I saw one and it was a very good photo. Later on I was at the bottom of a castle. There were guards on the fortress walls. I started to throw rocks very skilfully at them. We(though I do not remember anyone else being there) were invading the castle. A lot of the rocks were well aimed and were good shots.

THE REALITY The very day of the dream the dreamer went out taking photos. He had been feeling undervalued and was in need of a little boost. Later on in the day he felt a lot better.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its usually best to try to take a look at the dreamers mindset at the time of the dream and look at the facts. On this day the dreamer felt a little defensive towards the world and in need of cheering up. So he did what he often did and went out for the day taking photos of the local coast. There are several clues which seem to indicate this dream fits in with that.

Crossing rivers often symbolises moments when you want to overcome some recent mood. Rivers symbolise a flow of energy and effort towards something and can often symbolise your current mood. Looking across the river may suggest that you wish to escape that mood.

The dream also made a connection between the well aimed rocks and the way you take photos. A well aimed rock could represent a well taken and framed photo. On this connection alone its best to assume that this is what the dream is about.

Perhaps the castle represented the dreamers own recognition of his defensive mood and the need to escape this.

Symbolic Meanings
ACROSS THE RIVER : "a need to overcome some emotional mood "
CASTLE : "wanting to fortify yourself and feel better
CASTLE : "the dreamer is feeling defensive and insular as if the world is against him"
FORTRESS : "strong internal barriers"
RIVER : "the energies and motivation that we can devote to some issue - perhaps a need to take some photos"
ROCK : "something you can depend on"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I been feeling under valued. I think I need to get out and take some photos today. The fresh air will do me good"

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to form a key insight

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