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Needing help of expert - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was doing some woodwork. It was in some loft type place. There was someone with me. He was insistent that an expert or teacher should be asked to perform one particular part. The expert came and he did what had to be done just like that. Up till that point it all seemed impossible.

THE REALITY The dreamer had got himself into a situation of real tension. Someone had offered to act as a mediator. This was a plan that could work. Yet he had to leave it to someone with better people skills than himself.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams are often in the here and now. They will link to dilemmas and problems on your mind. This dream could easily link to a very real dilemma that the dreamer was thinking about the night before.

Dreams can often use wordplays. The dreamer dwelt on the words "Woodwork" and immediately thought of this strange symbol as a wordplay. He immediately thought of the plan he was thinking about before going to sleep. This was a plan which "Would work". But it could only work if left to someone who was offering to act as a mediator.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
LEAVE TO EXPERT : "The plan the dreamer was thinking about the night before required the help of someone with good people skills. It required an expert"
WOODWORK : "A wordplay. A reference to a plan that would work"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I do not think I can resolve this on my own. I will need help from a friend who will help mediate it with me. "

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