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Weeds in garden dream

Dreams are about the things that our mind focuses on. The night before the dreamer had been thinking about cleaning and the best method to get rid of ingrained dirt. So the dream seems to focus on the need to find the "best method."

THE DREAM - I was in my childhood home. I was looking at the weeds in our garden and thought they needed sorting out. I asked my father if it was OK to weed the garden. He said OK and I set about doing the job. We discussed how to do several. One I pulled out. It was a bit like a Yucca and I thought this could obviously be used elsewhere and it just needed to be potted up. Others were extremely difficult to get rid of. I was discussing the best method of clearing one kind with my father.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been suffering from long term depression. Recently he was feeling more settled. He was staying at a friends house while she was away. This was very untidy and the previous day he had started to clean up. He was taking a great pride in the work and enjoying it. Some of the dirt took a lot of effort in clearing. He had been trying two or three methods to get rid of the very bad stains.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will often concentrate on very slight changes in your personality. In this case the dreamer did change his ways in the day before this dream. He was suffering from depression in the long term and often lived in an untidy and chaotic mess. So when he decided to clean up his friends house it was a completely new start. The dream dealt with a similar theme - in the dream he was keeping the garden tidy and in reality it was his friends house. But essentially the dream dealt with the same theme - keeping things tidy.

The dream also dealt with another similar theme from the night before. The dreamer had been trying to clean his friends kitchen and some of the dirt was ingrained. So he had to be very inventive in his methods of getting things clean.

The dream was like so many dreams. It dealt with similar themes to real life - in this case keeping things tidy and thinking up new methods to clean. Yet the dream made no clear reference to the actual night before. In the dream he was cleaning a garden and in reality it was a house. Yet there was no clear reference to the cleaning of the house. In some ways the dream seems to be dealing with something entirely different yet its all actually been dealt with symbolically.

The dream perfectly records this thought from the day before - "I have been staying at my friends house and decided to clean things up as she can be very messy and untidy. Its a big departure for me because its not often I can concentrate on things like that. It was also very difficult cleaning up as well because I had to think up some ingenious new methods to get rid of some of the ingrained dirt".

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