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My college ex-boyfriend

THE DREAM I've been having dreams for 5 years about my ex-boyfriend in college..He is a seaman now and once or twice a year, he goes back to Philippines just to have a vacation. I often dream about him that he already arrived and not intentionally confirms it through FB.I dream about his emotions, if he feels sad and sometimes crying, also I dreamt about our break up before that we met but don't talk much more and he just turn around and go..Last time I had a dream that her GF is pregnant,that's the reason why he married her and then I saw through FB it was true.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Most of the time, he just pops up to my mind and I would tell myself that he is here already. We broke up 5 years ago just because he had no time to see me while processing his papers abroad. We never had any issues then he left Philippines without seeing me. I felt so devastated that after 4 months I tried to have a new BF and when he was at the airport, he said that's the only time he's letting me go. After a month, I received a 9 missed call while at work and when I finally got the chance to take the call, I found out that he got drunk and devastated while trying to call me. Even though we had a relationship w/ others, we keep in touch. Every time he had problems, I'm the one he was calling and saying that he feels comfortable telling his problems to me. 4 years ago I received a text msg that he loves me. I asked him that we should meet but we never did until now. When I got pregnant 3 years ago, we still kept in touch but my BF mailed him to leave me alone..He never contacted me since and got married this year. Now, I'm having my 2nd child and still having dreams about him. Sometimes I feel that we are still connected.

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Unclesirbobby (POSTED November 22, 2012, 23: 4: 49)
Well if you broke up and still have feelings for him or suspect that he still loved you then he will hang around in your dreams. With a normal ex bf then you try to move on. It clearly didn't work. It just means that whenever something happens in your own relationship then you are thinking 'would I have been better off with this other guy?' its really a what might have been dream. You do feel connected and if your current bf does not please you then you think back to this previous bf. In some ways he becomes a perfect ex - you remember just the good stuff.

Devonne_shaeph (POSTED November 23, 2012, 03: 5: 28)
I've been trying to interpret those

dreams for years and search for answers.

I found the same answers through

others. I do believe that he was a

perfect boyfriend and trying to compare

him with my current BF now. I know I

should not compare but that's the

reality. I wanted to stop dreaming about

him but dreams won't. I also believe that

closure is the only way to stop it but

never really had a chance to do it. But

why every time I dream about him,

everything becomes true?I also searched

that he might be sending a signal

through telepathy dreams or could it be

I only have a very good instinct about

him?-------devonne_shaeph (the dreamer)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED November 24, 2012, 15: 6: 19)
I do believe in telepathy - and it can affect dreams. But proving it is notoriously difficult. You have to know when and where someone was thinking something. They may hide their feelings telling you what they think they should be feeling.

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