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Suburban area and suicide spot - dream analysis

THE DREAM - I am at weaponess park. This is a suburban area with large mansion houses. There is my best friend there but I am not sure I really know her. We appear to be near Valley Bridge(famed for suicides).

THE REALITY The dreamer stated that at work a confrontation was bubbling beneath the surface. He thought it was because his co-workers were jealous because He was getting the best jobs. There was a mood beneath the surface yet he could not quite work what it was.

THE INTERPRETATION The suburbs in dreams can link to a place where everyone has the chance to express themselves freely - all the houses have plenty of space. In such a situation everyone should be happy or at least have the chance to be happy. Yet in this dream the suburb in question is named Weaponess Park. That symbolises how this situation is somewhat tainted.

The dreamer realised that his ideal situation - where everyone gets along is not been met. He realised that something was wrong. He maybe realised that other people were having problems. He thought it was connected to work issues. The dream probably addressed his wish to sort this out. Later he found out that the cause of the bad situation was not work issues. One of the co-workers had just had his prize guitar stolen and that was causing him stress.

One other feature of the dream was the best friend. But this is a best friend that the dreamer did not recognise. A best friend can symbolise an ideal situation. The friend was near a bridge which had a reputation for people committing suicide. Suicide in dreams often links to a wish to give up on something. So in this sense it maybe linked to an acceptance of the situation. It was not in the dreamers power to make people get along at work.

Symbolic Meanings
BEST FRIEND : "an ideal situation"
NOT RECOGNISE : "this often signals that you are trying to achieve something but failing"
SUICIDE : "the dreamer was trying to get along with his co-workers but has virtually given up"
WEAPON : "ready for confrontation"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been given all the best jobs at work recently. But I just worry that others are unhappy about this. I sense some tension. I just wish we could all get along better together.

Try to see how the dreams meaning links in with the different symbolic meanings above.

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