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Difficult people from the past dream

A teenager in your dream could mean several things - it could mean that you have been treated in an inconsiderate way (which is probably the meaning of teenagers in this dream). However, it could mean that you enjoy acting like a teenager. You simply have to see which is most likely. Most dreams are in the here and now and so only a few of many meanings may have any relevance.

THE DREAM I was upstairs in some kind of communal-living place. Some difficult people from my past appeared and I thought "I don't have to work there any more. I can care without it being emotionally taxing". Then I had to go downstairs to gather my things and move to the room upstairs. I approached the stairs and expected them to be disconnected and difficult, since on the way up there had been trouble. The railing was loose but I was able to climb down the one small/ladder-like staircase slowly and safely. Downstairs my belongings were in a dorm room where people were trying to sleep. Other random people from my past (a kid from high school, a girl from university) kept walking past. Other people kept making noise and turning on lights even though people were trying to sleep. I had to collect all my belongings from my bed (usually in dreams I cannot collect things, they keep multiplying and I get frustrated/late for something). In the middle of collecting I started humming a song (by a band I associate closely with my ex) and a teenager came in the dorm and started playing the song on an electric guitar (while people tried to sleep). I gathered up all my things. They didn't all fit in my bag neatly, but I was able to carry them. I walked out of the room and headed back towards the stairs to move them upstairs.

THE REALITY Four months ago I broke up with a man I knew was not right for me but with whom I'd fallen in love with nonetheless. After four months of breaking off communication "for good" and then opening it again, and with it hope of it working I decided yesterday that I deserve someone who understands me. I have also moved a long distance since then.

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I now realize that the relationship was wrong. He was too immature and inconsiderate for me. It was a bit like a teenage relationship"

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams quite often express similar emotions to those we have been feeling in real life but they will feature a crazy plot that seems to link to the past and involve weird symbols that just make no sense. This is one such dream. Look out for key emotional moments and here there is one. The decision to move on from the former job matches the real life decision to move on from a relationship.

The dream also involves this annoying loud music. This is associated with teenagers. That shows that she is comparing her former relationship to an annoying teenager playing loud music. It maybe cool but at that moment it was just inconsiderate and annoying. Quite similar to real life. That relationship seemed like a good thing at the time but often involved crazy and difficult moments. Maybe she was now ready for something less crazy and more fulfilling.

Symbolic Meanings
TEENAGER PLAYS LOUD MUSIC : "associates her former boyfriend with similar annoying and inconsiderate teenage actions "

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