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Dream interpretation - a man overpowering me

THE DREAM I dreamt of a huge series of roads. There seemed to be a fight going on. People were blocking in this bus which was been driven by a man. Eventually they corner him. They then get into the bus and beat him up. The situation is then over. The man then gets out of the bus and seems to be heading for me. He tries to overpower me - I feel his muscles. He is strong but I sense that I can overpower him. Then others come in to keep him from me.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had made it clear he could not work with a particular co-worker. He had valid reasons for doing this. He feared that this man may seek revenge. However, he was confident that he could rebuff any challenges made by this man. His complaint was reasonable and in the best interests of the company. There is no point getting people to work together when this will only result in problems.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Tension in the workplace can cause dreams. The day before a situation at work was causing tension. The man being cornered must symbolise the dreamers complaint directed against another co-worker. The response of the man represents the fear that he may take revenge at some time in the future. Yet the dreamer overpowers him showing that he felt he could resist any attempts to push him around.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
MAN OVERPOWERED: "The dreamers complaint against the man at work was accepted"
MAN TRIES TO OVERPOWER ME: "The fear this man at work would try to take revenge against the dreamer"
MAN FAILS TO OVERPOWER ME: "The dreamer felt his complaint was justified"
MAN IN BUS: "This must represent a man in real life whom the dreamer was in conflict with. He was driving a bus because he was in a position of power"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I made a complaint against a man at work yesterday. My complaint was justified - there was no way I could work with him. Its not good for the business. If he tries to take revenge then I think I will be able to cope. He will not push me around. "

See how the Symbolic meanings link to the dreamers own assessment about a complaint he had made and the possible chances of revenge being sought.

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