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Unknown man at grandmas home - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I am at my grandmothers home(she died many years ago). I go to the toilet. It appears to be like a public toilet and is absolutely huge. I go back downstairs and there appears to be my grandmother but also an unknown man.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been having some building work completed at his home. It had all been a bit hectic and disruptive. But now this was all over.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The main thought in this dreamers mind was the building work which had just been completed. He now looked forward to some more settled home life. The dream does not immediately seem to link to this issue. But it appears at least consistent with it.

Grandmothers can link to an issue that has gone on for far too long(that would certainly link into the dreamers belief that things had gone on far too long). A grandmother can also link simply with the passage of time. Its about your reflections over some recent time period.

Toilets are usually not good symbols. They symbolise you feeling a need to show frustration. Public toilets can mean that you feel exposed and having to experience difficult emotions in public. The dreamer did feel this. He did not like the building work and its disruption. He just liked a quiet life.

Symbolic Meanings
GRANDMOTHER : "the passage of time - something has gone on for too long - in this case the building work has gone on for too long"
MAN : "frustration connected to some delay or restriction placed upon you - in this case the frustrations over building work which is disrupting things"
PUBLIC TOILET : "feeling really frustrated whilst in a vulnerable and public situation - the dreamer did not want to appear so frustrated with the work going on but in fact he really hated it"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "It has taken ages. But at last the building work is over and we can get back to normal"

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