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Witch makes pot of chocolate brew - dream interpretation

Witches are often easy symbols to understand. They often represent evil scheming women. In this case the dream was about the dreamersb mother.

THE DREAM - I wasn't myself in this nightmare, I was some male character. I was laying on the floor ( I think ) inside an old and moldy apartment, where two fairytale like witches were "cooking"something that looked like chocolate fondue over the floor. One of the witches went down town to do something and the other continued there "cooking" what I knew it was some kind of experiment that I knew it would go wrong. Anyway I was friendly to the witch, in the hope I could make her stop the experience before something bad happened. The brew that looked like chocolate started to look like blood, and the witch appeared covered with it. I said "now it really looks like something good. It looked like chocolate before". The witch smiled and said: "that's not all! this is a kind of jelly, and you'll see how perfect it is to mold things". I was still laying, she brought me some of the jelly. It had a beautiful orange and crimson color, and it was so easy to shape things with it! "that's fantastic! This may be the latest material to substitute plastics and even metal". Then she said "I need to see if it's good to eat too" and went in the direction of their "pet" in the corner, a green worm that looked like a grasshopper, it was the size of a grasshopper. "Oh no no no"- that was what I thought but I had no time to say no, she had already feed the worm with the jelly, and it started to grow. "oooohhh! - the witch said - fantastic, it can be actually useful" but the worm eagerly took another bite of jelly an grew to the size of a human. The witch tried to stop it and was devoured in front of me. While I heard her last screams for help, I got outside through the window and went spiralling down the building, kind of like Spiderman style.

It was a strange city. There were too many gates and strange buildings shaped like gray cubes. I went running and jumping from roof to roof, screaming for help. As the worm/grasshopper thing advanced in the direction of people, eating everyone and everything in its way ( it was still the size of a human.... ). I found the other witch and she was running and crying, telling me to help her and call the firemen.

People panicked and started to run away, as I screamed "the firemen, someone please call the firemen!" ...But I saw the firemen trying to escape in an helicopter, when the worm jumped on them and devoured them along with the helicopter.

Then I started to scream repeatedly, something like "call the army, ( then something I can't remember ) 6:30!!!! call the army, 6:30!!!!" Nobody seemed to hear me and I woke up with my heart pounding.

THE REALITY The dreamer had heard from her mothers co-workers that she was thinking of going to Japan to get married. When the dreamer asked her mother she denied this. However, when the dream was 15 her mother had gone to another city on the understanding that this was a vacation. Her mother stayed there for six years.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dreamer found out the shock news about her mothers rumored trip to Japan the day before the dream. Its obviously a subject that someone would dream about. The dream has several good links to this issue.

The best link in the dream is the Grasshopper animal in the dream. The dreamers mother had a reputation for leaving without any discussions. The grasshopper is an animal which can move without virtually any warning. Its movement is virtually instantaneous. In that way the grasshopper is a perfect symbol of the dreamers mother. She had moved before without any warning.

The rumours were especially disturbing for the dreamer because this may happen and she would not have any discussion or prior knowledge. That had happened before when she was 15 and had to leave college and get a job because of her mothers actions. As far as the dreamer is concerned nothing her mother does is believable in such a situation. She can discuss this several times over and her mother could do nothing to allay her daughters fears. Her word could not be trusted.

Food in dreams symbolises food for thought - it is knowledge that has set our minds working. The rumours about her mother had set the dreamers mind working. She did not see the possibility of her mother moving as being such a negative situation. Her mother was a very negative person and the house they shared was in a bad and dangerous neighborhood. So part of the dream was about the possible positive consequences of her mother leaving for Japan.

The food in the dream was also like a jelly mold. That symbolised the way that the dreamer had acted in response to the possibility of her mother moving to another country. She molded the opportunity into a shape that may seem pleasing.

The food was also chocolate like. Chocolate is often a symbol of consolation. So in this dream the chocolate symbolises her need to be comforted. The chocolate therefore signifies the comforting side of her mothers departure. But then the chocolate turns into blood. Blood is not such a bad symbol - after all blood is the life-force. So maybe this changing nature of the food shows how the dream was dealing with the changing nature of this "food for thought". First she saw a few consoling factors but then those thoughts turned into positive opportunities. She was even thinking this may be a good thing.

However, the dreamer is then in a strange city. This possibly shows how she was now starting to raise misgivings. She could see some benefits. However, the strange city shows that she has misgivings. So this dream shows the changing nature of the dreamer when confronted with sudden rumours about her mother. That response is complex. The dreamers thoughts switch rapidly as she works through every possibility. The strange city is a sign of an unfamiliar and strange environment. It symbolises a fear of change.

The firemen are symbols of the need to deal with this urgent situation. The army is a symbol of emergency as well. In this case the army maybe represents the need for a resolute campaign to "defend the homeland". That shows that the dreamer wished to point out to her mother the disadvantages of this change.

Symbolic Meanings
ARMY : "a need to defend the homeland - in this case defend the need to stay in the country and not move abroad"
CHOCOLATE : "comforting thoughts - making you feel better after some bad news"
FAIRY TALE : "a made up story based on rumours and half truths"
GRASSHOPPER : "possibility of a sudden change - the fear that her mother will move without giving any warning"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am worried that my mother is going to stay in Japan. She has done that kind of thing before just left without saying anything"

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