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Ocean, cliff, boat

"I felt fear but not overwhelmingly" - this quote completely sums up how the dreamer was relating to the problems he was facing in life.

THE DREAM I am in my brothers boat with several other people. Suddenly we are at the edge of a cliff- a waterfall. I feel like my brother knew the cliff was there and he just shrugged his shoulders as we went over. There was a sensation of the boat falling away and a free fall .

Oh- the cliffs were like the Palisades north of NYC along the Hudson.

Anyway- I felt fear but not overwhelmingly. The boat landed in the ocean and the people, including. myself, landed in the water . My bro was in the boat & went around & picked everyone up out of the water. There was another boat too that was rescuing. We were all very cold & wet. I told everyone to take off their clothes, turn them clothes inside-out, and redress - this was to prevent hypothermia. There was a lot of other stuff happening in the dream but this is all I can recall with clarity. I have had frequent, recurring dreams involving large bodies of water for years.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Many major stresses - recent move, dau dX with cancer, and job hunting.

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Unclesirbobby (POSTED November 27, 2012, 03: 2: 31)
Well just concentrate on these sentences

"he just shrugged his shoulders as we went over..... I felt fear but not overwhelmingly."

These portions of your dream capture your emotions about the things that are stressing you out. Shrugging the shoulders symbolizes your acceptance of your situation. Feeling fear but not too much is a measurement of your stress. You are still coping but struggling. The dream is your own assessment of how you are coping.

Iceberg rose (POSTED November 27, 2012, 15: 2: 09)
I liked this interpretation.

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