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Skyscraper - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was in a skyscraper. I always feel scared high up and these dreams often represent my tendency to have anxiety in situations which involve mixing with people with confidence and lots of ability. I felt scared in this dream because I realised I was on the top floor or near the top. Heidi and Chris were nearby (they are counsellors who help me with my anxiety problems in real life).

It was hugely luxurious and it felt like it was Grand Hotel. There were ornate staircases and antique furniture. I was stepping nervously like I do when I on a high cliff. I hate being high up even when its safe. At one point there was a door which was open which led onto the roof or some area which was open - even more dangerous because you can really fall. There was a toilet there.

I was thinking about all my anxiety problems in the dream and then it struck me that my problems were the same as my counsellors problems. I was just anxious about getting things done on time and my home seemed to be untidy.

GUESSWORK The dreamer did suffer from extreme anxiety and panics. He had been severely affected and now he was getting better. He had been trying to put his illness into perspective. Everyone suffers stress and he was wondering what level of stress was normal.

ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM - the dream featured the following associations and symbols.
1. Skyscraper. Dreams in skyscrapers were a common dream for the dreamer. He linked these to his problems with panic and anxiety attacks particularly doing things which involved meeting people with lots of confidence or ability. The skyscraper was a symbol for doing things at the highest level.
2. Grand building. If you are in a grand building then it can be a little intimidating. The dreamer stated that tall buildings tended to link to issues of confidence and his lack of ability to handle being in situations where people had lots of confidence and ability. The Grand nature of the hotel and the ornate furnishings reinforce that meaning. The luxury again could be a symbol for his inability to cope with people whose ability or confidence intimidated him.
3. Counsellor. The counsellor in the dream was someone who treated the dreamer for mental health problems and particularly panic attacks.
4. Problems like his counsellor. The dream specifically mentions the dreamer having problems like his counsellor. This shows that the dreamer is putting his problems into perspective. He knows he has stress but how does his stress level compare to other people - particularly normal people.
5. Toilet. The dreamer did have bowel problems and the toilet could be a symbol for these. It would in particular link to the stress aspects of bowel problems.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about his panic and anxiety attacks. The dream deals with the following themes
- Exceptional fears connected with toilets / toilet problems
- Feeling nervous in rich surroundings
- Comparing his problems to those of others

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I have had problems with panic attacks and anxiety. Now I am getting a little better. I know I have stress but how bad is this stress. My counsellor who treats me for panic attacks has stress as well. I just wonder how my stress levels compare with other people. I do get real stress with bowel problems but in other ways I cope well."

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