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Ascending huge hill - dream interpretation

This huge hill dream represented the huge health problems that the dreamer had and the enourmous effort he tried to put into to get better.

THE DREAM I am on some huge ramp like thing. Its a cross between a hill and a skyscraper type thing. I am clawing my way to the top. Its a huge effort. There is a guide rail which I can attach myself to which makes it easier to ascend to the top. Yet for one section its missing. But I am climbing up nevertheless. Its like climbing a mountain though

Then I am going down the stairs at great speed.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been trying to pay greater attention to his health. He had been trying to improve his diet eating a much better balance of foods. Yet the morning of that dream he woke up and decided to laze about in bed for another couple of hours.

DREAM INTERPRETATION The main link to the health issue is the hospital. The hospital links with often emotional issues but it can equally link to you making efforts to improve your own health. This linked with reality as he had made great efforts to improve his health. Yet in the dream it was much easier to come down the stairs than to ascend the hill or skyscraper. That maybe represents the idea that good health is a lot harder to gain than is thought. Its something that takes constant dedication. If you decide to be lazy it can have a major effect. Its more about getting a good balance to your life. If you behave well three days out of four then that's not good. You have to do this all the time. So the dream is about him realising that his laziness is the main problem. Health is a state of mind. You cannot cram in lots of good behavior to make up the bad behavior from yesterday. You have to be consistently well behaved.

The guide rail maybe refers to the dreamers obsession with help guides. He was trying to precisely keep to a strictly balanced diet.

And also despite his attempts he did not feel especially well after these few days of real effort. So maybe the dream links to that. Because although he had kept to a strict diet he had not been exercising well during that time.

Symbolic Meanings
CLIMB : "gaining greater health is more like a climb "
GUIDE : "a recommendation - the dreamer has been looking at recommendations of diet"
HOSPITAL : "improving your own health - in this case improving diet"
RAIL : "forced down one line"
SKYSCRAPER : "attaining success - in this case succeeding at improving his own health"
SLIDING DOWN : "The dreamer realises that a few bad days can put back your cause a long way - you slide back down at great pace"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been trying to pay greater attention to my own health. Now I realise its a slow gradual approach I need. Its something you have got to pay attention to each and every day. Just one bad days can put you back a long way. "

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