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Dream - suicide and immortality

THE DREAM - I had a dream which partly dealt with suicide and partly with immortality. In one scene I was looking up at this skyscraper and a fireman was going up a ladder trying to save someone threatening to jump off. The fireman cries in anguish as the person jumps to his death.

In another scene I am climbing up the stairs of skyscraper and struggling as I do not like tall buildings. I reach the top floor and and I am making sarcastic remarks putting myself down. I am talking to my college tutors (who I do not recognise) and I am saying "I just got a basic pass."

In another scene we were in somewhere exotic like California. The band One Direction were there and I was looking at some kind of living poster over the sea. It was a huge dramatic scene.

In another scene I was walking past these soldiers, American I think. I poured scorn on these soldiers who were saluting who were in these little cars as they looked ridiculous. Then I realised that you have to maintain discipline and respect everyone in the uniform.

Later I was looking up at a skyscraper. A man was climbing out of the window and suddenly jumped. However, instead of falling to his death he flew into the air, like in the film "Birdman". I said "I knew that would happen."

THE REALITY Have stopped drinking and was trying to cut out some of the more extreme elements of his life. He had lived life at a hundred miles an hour and it was now time to slow down as he was suffering exhaustion. Having said this the dreamer had a suicidal streak combined with a feeling that he was immortal. The dreamer was bi-polar and often went through phrases of depression and then periods where he felt "invincible". The dreamer had a huge imagination and often lived in his dreams. He had a full blown mental illness and regularly felt worthless and suicidal. When we are young we get the feeling that we can live forever. Now the years of "fast living" were catching up with the dreamer. The pop band "One Direction" (who appeared in the dream) had just been rumoured to have split up after years of insane schedules.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer had lived life at an almost suicidal pace. That maybe the key to the appearance of suicide in the dream. He was very hyper but just recently he had to stop drinking. Now illness was catching up with him.

Dreams will often link to the themes going through the dreamers mind. This was a period of change for the dreamer.

The references to suicide in the dream seem linked to the dreamers own severe depressions. The dream ends with what seems like a suicidal jump. However, the man flies like in the film "Birdman." This probably has something to do with the dreamers dramatic way of seeing the world. He often felt he was "invincible" and lived in his dreams.

The appearance of "One Direction" in the dream seems interesting. At the time of the dream they were rumoured to be splitting up so they could take a break, otherwise they were in danger of "burning out". So "One Direction" were very relevant to the dreamer, at that moment, as they were living life at an insane pace.

It is difficult to say exactly what the dream means. Certainly the dream dealt with themes which were important in the dreamers life. The dream touched on the dreamers suicidal tendencies and his fast living. It also hinted at his feelings of "invincibility".

The dreams meaning probably links to the dreamer thinking through his changing circumstances. He was having to adapt to changing circumstances as his health was deteriorating.

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