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Hippy trail ends up in a military camp - dream dictionary

If you have been thinking about something then people or things may appear in your dreams hinting that the dream is about that subject. Here "Adam" appears hinting that the dream was about the cause that both the dreamer and Adam were involved in.

THE DREAM - I am on the highway down to Mexico. I visit Mexico in my hippy travels frequently and enjoy it. Then I end up in a dark and dreary military camp with Adam (Adam had been helping me with a new cause I was promoting).

THE REALITY The dreamer had been putting his energies into a new cause. He was trying to get the local council to act against others acting in an anti social way. He wanted to go and do things his own way yet realised that he had to tone things down and act in a more disciplined fashion. He wanted to campaign in his own way yet realised that he really needed to tone things down. Campaigning involves often boring research and the need to do things correctly and according to the rules.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams often link to the things that are important to us RIGHT NOW. This dreamer had been highly involved in a new project. He had a tendency to charge off doing things the way he wanted. He realised that his methods put people off.

The road down to Mexico clearly links to him going off and doing things in his own distinctive and eccentric way. Yet he realized that he must tone things down. Perhaps he had realised that the bold way in which he wanted to act was not popular with others and so he must be more disciplined and act according to the rules. If he was to support his cause he must not act in a way people do not like. Campaigns often need vigorous enthusiasm - symbolized by the hippy. Yet they also need discipline. So the dream captures the dreamers recognition of how the cause was changing and how he related to this in an emotional sense.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
HIPPY : "The dreamers own wish to do things his own way - pleasing himself quot;
MILITARY : "highly ordered and organized - precise ways of doing things The dreamer realized that in order to make real progress in his campaign he had to do things precisely and correctly "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was really enjoying this new cause I am involved with - yet we have ended up doing things in a very precise and disciplined way. But I realise I need to tone things down and not lose my rag"

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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