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Military and Christmas day - army take over task

A dream about the military taking over took place when the dreamer was stretching himself to the limit (a highly relevant metaphor as the army always push themselves to extremes).

THE DREAM - I am at some family gathering. It seems to be very dark indeed but its Christmas. Then there is suddenly some action. We have some task to do... and then I am stood over this swimming pool. The military have taken over. We are in some army task. I have to put some package together and put it into the water. It is stuffed full of money. But there is a plug there - I have to jump in and put the plug in place so the water doesn't run out.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been committing himself in too many ways and in many ways was overstretched. The dream represented an agreement to get involved back in a voluntary activity and the problems associated with it. He had been avoiding some people because he knew they would ask him to get involved in some voluntary activities.

THE INTERPRETATION One of the main thoughts on the dreamers mind at the time was linked to the following feeling "I have been avoiding some people because I know they will want to get me involved in some voluntary tasks. I feel I might tire myself out and overstretch myself." Let us assume that this dream is linked to this exact thought, how can we link the dreamers symbolism to this thought process?

The metaphorical connection with the military is fairly obvious. If the dreamer got involved in more voluntary work he maybe become overstretched and exhausted. If you are in the army then you push yourself to the limits. So if he involved himself in more voluntary work he would be have to push himself in a similar way that a soldier pushes himself.

Maybe there is a second symbolic connection with the army. An army pulls together for the one cause, the defence of the country. If he helped with some voluntary work he would be joining together with others for this "higher cause".

Christmas maybe has relevance along the same lines. At Christmas we think of higher causes. If the dreamer did extra voluntary work then he would be thinking of others in a Christmas kind of way.

Symbolic Meanings
ARMY : The dreamer was thinking how he would have to "push himself to the limit" which is what soldiers do all the time.
ARMY : "unite behind a cause - start helping with the charity again"
CHRISTMAS : At Christmas we think of others and of the greater good. The dreamer was thinking of the greater good and helping others by considering doing more voluntary work.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I value my charity work. But I am also very tired often. It really does drain me. I want to show some discipline and start helping out again."

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