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Dream - showing great skill and ingenuity

THE DREAM - I was thinking of my relatives in Liverpool. I was suspended from this harness and showing great skill. In was having to coordinate my move to catch something. It involved great ingenuity and skill. I was most impressive. At one point I stepped into the first class carriage yet I was having bowel problems (I do in real life) and the guy checking the tickets let me off feeling sorry for me.

THE REALITY The dreamer was an odd character. His relatives in Liverpool often thought of him as quite dysfunctional and full of problems. Recently he had revealed some high level computer skills to them. It was a radical change in peoples expectations of him. The dreamer was finding it difficult. The dreamer felt a little intimidated by "first class" in real life. He did not like mixing with people who he considered above him and often suffered severe social phobias.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream showed too main themes. Firstly, the dreamer was being ingenious and clever. Yet the dream aslo featured situations which made the dreamer feel intimidated. The day before the dreamer had been thinking how awkward he felt revealing how clever he was because people tended to dismiss him as someone who had severe mental health problems. It is likely that the dream links to this exact thought but how can we link this feeling to the dreams symbols?

The dream certainly deals with the theme of the dreamer being clever. The first part of the dream plays out this as the dreamer shows great skill and ingenuity.

The dream also features the other major theme - feeling intimidated. Indeed the dream featured a first class carriage. This is an example of exactly the type of thing which made the dreamer feel intimidated.

The dream also features the dreamers bowel problems. This adds another clue to the dream.

So the dream features three themes. Firstly severe social phobias. Secondly the dreamer showing great skill and ingenuity. Thirdly the dreamers physical health problems and people feeling sorry for him. So if we try to weave these themes together the dream may capture this type of feeling "I feel awkward with my relatives because they do not know what to make of me. I am very clever but I am also suffer bad nerves and physical health problems."

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