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Dream interpretation - Wheelchair

THE DREAM There seems to be this man in a wheelchair. He seems to be doing exercises and a woman is demonstrating this and encouraging him. Later I am trying to fix a goal - the net need fixing. There were people there who I do not like - I really do not like that type of person.

THE REALITY The dreamer was becoming very depressed and socially isolated. He was staying home all the time. He knew that he needed to exercise. It was difficult for him but he knew he needed to get out more.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its important to make obvious connections in dreams. This dreamer had recently lacked exercise and this dream features sports and exercise. This dream then seems to have an obvious meaning. Its linked to the dreamer trying to combat this obvious lack of exercise in his life.

The wheelchair is an interesting symbol. Wheelchairs and disabled people can represent your own disabilities - not so much physical but more the things that you find hard or impossible to do. The dreamer was becoming very depressed and socially isolated. So in that sense the dream connects the two issues that were prevalent in the dreamers life at the time - his social isolation and his lack of exercise.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I am staying indoors too much and need to take exercise."

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