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Shark infested waters dream

DREAM - Shark infested In my dream I was in one of about 4 other life raft style boats. The water below was clear, like a pool, and deep. There were multiple species of sharks swimming all the way down. Not ever surfacing, just swimming circular and zig zag like they do. There were adults and kids in the water, that I felt danger for, as well as a danger for myself. Even though I knew it could be dangerous, in my mind (in the dream) I had goals....1) I wanted to get the people out of the water & safely in the rafts and 2) once the threatening sharks (the great whites and bulls left) I wanted to go deep down into the water and swim with with them...see if they would hurt me or leave me be. In my dream I didn't get to dive in, I woke after the last person was pulled into the raft.

This dream was posted on on the September 13, 2011, 09:02 by Beth. It was viewed 151 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:So many mom (she passed away from cancer a few months ago), also I have been divorced for almost a year now and have recently been talking to a guy who I want to let myself like...but there are obstacles, he doesn't live very close, plus my ex was extremely emotionally damaging to me. The guy who I like, was telling me just before we hung up about the cute waitress at the restaurant he went to last night. We are both older me 40 he is 33, and he said it in passing...but...I didn't like that he brought her up.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well a dream will often capture a key thought. Notice here that the dream features two things

1. Safety - you want to get the people out of the water

2. Risk - you wanted to go deep into shark water

Put these together and my guess is that you have been thinking this... "I have been divorced for year now. I still feel damaged by my ex and have an urge for safety. But another part of me wants to strike out and take a risk with a new boyfriend."

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