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No anxiety underwater dream


Monday, August 06, 2012

I can only recall this dream in snippets. In lots of ways I was not engaged with the characters in the dream but rather I tried to mitigate the conflicts between the characters or keep unreliable dream characters in check using supervision.

The dream opened with two women arguing about how to do something. Both were sure they were right and the more I listened the more I realized both were right it was just a question of making a choice and moving on. It was clear neither was prepared to give ground and so I moved on in frustration.

As I moved a black man came forward and asked for $2000.00. It was clear to me he was hoping to get away with the seeming loan without making a commitment to compensate me so I challenged him by saying no. When you have done some work - any work - I will give you some more money. We have a contract.

The black man began painting one room using white paint.

In this dream there were a lots of people coming and goings and it seemed like work although it was not a workplace. It was an old workplace.

As the dream closed I was swimming underwater through clear calm light green water with long stands of seaweed like columns reaching up through it to the surface I could no longer see. What I noticed was this. I was in deep water and yet I was extremely calm - I was in control of my emotions.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The day of this dream the postman delivered a book and kit on survival I had ordered. As I watched the DVD with my husband I was deeply moved by the calmness of the presenter.

At one point he threw the remains of the fish he had caught using survival skills back into the waterhole out of respect and honor for nature. The reverence he conveyed by his action, without using words, really touched my heart and moved me to tears.

I had read most of the survival manual before the day was out and my husband used the flints in the survival kit to light the fire. It worked just as the book said it would so it was very reassuring.

One of the keys to survival in this book was to manage your thoughts and your fears. A lot of people make poor decisions because their emotions get the better of them and they panic. As I was going to sleep it seemed very clear to me the bible is an emotional survival manual I could rely on. I had tested it on many occasions.

As I reflected on this dream I realized I get seriously emotionally stuck sometimes. I felt the black man in my dream represented the darker sides of my own nature. I was not afraid of this treacherous character but rather willing to deal with him and set some limits to his poor behavior. I felt the dream was showing me I could now think more clearly about emotional issues I face that get me into deep water.

Posted at August 5, 2012, 20:07 by Iceberg Rose (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED August 6, 2012, 08: 1: 30)
Thanks Diane

That's another interesting dream. Our dreams are not so much about the problems within our lives but more about how we are relating to them. In the dream you realize that you are calm despite being in deep water... that's showing that you have learned the lesson of this video. You have understood the message that came across and now you are trying to put these ideas into practice.

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