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Pet mouse dream

Think of anything associated with the symbols in this dream. We associate hard times and brutality with medieval times. In the dream the dreamer feels attached to a mouse. Ask yourself how you feel attached to something. To analyse a dream you have to ask yourself many different questions linked to these little associations

THE DREAM There is a small boy in medieval times. He is looking for his pet mouse. He is extremely attached to it.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer was feeling highly motivated towards improving his life. He wanted to clear all the bad habits out. Yet in the end he just laid in front of the TV all night. He felt to himself that he had some weird attachment to poor living. That he was stuck in a spiritual rut.

DREAM ANALYSIS When you first look at a dream try to link it in anyway possible with real life thoughts and intuitions from the previous day. Make loose associations. If these fit in any way then try to build up the dreams meanings by making more associations and connections between life and dream symbols. In this case the main intuition from the previous day linked to the dreamers attempts to motivate himself. By the time the end of the day came he felt disgusted with himself. He admitted that he had some weird attachment to poor circumstances. He was content to just stay in the rut.

Rats and ice can link to spiritual and material poverty. In this case the dream also uses a symbol of particular relevance. The pet mouse symbolizes how the dreamer had a weird attachment to his poor life. He seemed unwilling to change.

The little boy in the dream probably symbolizes the dreamers own immaturity. An inability to take true responsibility for his life. His tendency to drift through and accept bad circumstances.

Symbolic Meanings
LITTLE BOY : "The dreamer is immature. He is unwilling to take responsibility for his life. Content to just drift through life."
PET RAT : "The dreamer feels attached to his poor circumstances "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was really highly motivated last night. I wanted to eliminate all my bad habits. But its all talk I just laid there in front of the TV. I seem attached to my poor circumstances and lack of motivation"

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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