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Football poster and soldier - dream symbolism

A dream about the dreamers boss tok place at a crucial time when the dreamer was recovering from illness. His dilemma was "should I return to work or recover properly."

THE DREAM - I am upstairs and my boss is there. I am looking at the ceiling and there are pictures of soldiers there. I am cello taping the pictures. It makes them into a type of well printed poster. But I do not use the cello tape on the footballers posters.

THE REALITY The day of the dream I was due to go back to work after an illness. He had to decide if he should be a team player or take more time off to fully recover.

DREAM SYMBOLISM When you have to decide on a certain course of action you need to be able to justify it. So already the dreamer was trying to justify why he was not ready to return to work just yet. Maybe he would emphasize the tough and resilient struggle he was having to face - rather similar to the life of a soldier. The dreamer was sticking things up - maybe symbolizing the story which he would decide to STICK to.

The dreamer was anticipating the criticism his decision would receive - that he was not a team player. Football is a symbol of togetherness - you support a team. The boss was a keen football supporter and emphasized such qualities in people who worked for him.

So the dream was anticipating the types of criticism which would be coming His way for not returning.

Symbolic Meanings
BOSS : "the dreamers thoughts about his boss "
FOOTBALL : "a need to support the team - the strong sense of team spirit at work"
PICTURE : "picturing something - the dreamer is imaging what is happening. "
SOLDIER : "a need for toughness and resilience at work "
UPSTAIRS : "coming to some conclusion on this issue"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been ill off work. I am still a little ill but I really want to go back to work. I like the team spirit we have and do not want to let the side down"

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