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So many insects - dream analysis

A dream about insects took place as the dreamer was thinking about the poor living conditions that she was living under.

THE DREAM I keep dreaming of insects, not the same types, last night it was lots of tiny grey spiders with really circular bodies. Two nights ago I dreamt of big man eating beetle type things. I'm not scared of the insects in the dreams, but there are just so many of them all running about. Two nights ago I was trying to vacuum them up. I have had more about insects but these two are the most recent that I remember.

THE REALITY The dreamer was living with in unpleasant living conditions. She had found small beetles in her kitchen. She also was irritated permanently by the loud music and noise coming from her neighbour. When she moved out of her flat the dreams stopped.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream features different kinds of insects and so may easily symbolise some kind of petty irritations that the dreamer has to face. So its probably an easily solved dream. The dreamer merely has toi ask themselves what petty irritations are continually annoying them. In this case the dreamer was living in a flat which had an infestation of beetles. that easily explains one of the dreams. The spiders can symbolise problems and situations you cannot get away from. An irritating neighbour who is disturbing your attempts to sleep is as good a trigger for that as anything.

Symbolic Meanings
BEETLES : "the dreamers fear of the real life infestation of beetles in her kitchen"
SPIDERS : "an inability to escape from her home living conditions and her neighbour"
VACCUUM : "attempts to combat and cope with infestations - keeping the home clean"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate where I am living at present. On neighbour is so annoying. Also there was an infestation of little beetles. Its awful."

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