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Dream about being on an island

This dreamer had been in the military in Iraq. Quite obviously he was still living these memories

THE DREAM I find myself in a beautiful city with marble and gold every where. There are few people around. The people that are there are guys that I knew that were killed in combat. In the dream there are 3 bridges and I can see the city across the bridge and my wife and kids are over there waiting for me. I am in a car and drive toward the bridge but cannot cross it. I can't even speed the car up enough to break the barrier and cross it.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION One of the guys I tried to save but a car bomb wounded me and killed him. (real life event)

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Unclesirbobby (POSTED November 13, 2012, 00: 2: 43)

Well the city is beautiful - full of gold. I think that represents real life - you are away from the war and back in normal life. The city represents that normality - your mind is not back in a war zone.

However, the deceased soldiers are still there. And you are not back with your wife and children.

Actually the dream just depicts a very precise feeling inside you - more intellectual rather than an emotional feeling. It captures this feeling "I am back home and living in modern America. However, part of me cannot forget those who died and all the bad memories I have. I cannot really come to face my wife and children in the way I should. So there is something blocking me inside my own mind. Part of me remains back in the war zone and all those memories rather than with my wife"

So this dream is not really one of PTSD. Its more of your own assessment of where you are in life.

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