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Dream - skating down highway and primary school

THE DREAM In the beginning of the dream I was sitting at the bar in a restaurant. The restaurant was in Colorado. I looked out the window and I saw two bridges going over the street. The waitress said "That's Colorado Highway 28. Its a new highway. Nobody ever drives on it." I was wearing roller blades and I skated onto the new highway. There was no traffic. It was a freeway, but it did not have shoulders and the lanes were narrow. Also, the highway signs were blue instead of green. One sign on the side of the road said "Speed Limit 55", so I skated at 55 miles per hour on the roller blades.

I can remember in detail what was on the signs. The first sign said "Exit 188, Hwy. 95, Sheridan Blvd.". On the next set of overhead signs there were two signs. The one on the right said "Exit 189, 81st Ave." The sign on the left said "Hwy. 28 North". Under the number 28, instead of the name of a city, it said "Abandoned Restaurant Parking Lot".

I was not in a car, but somehow I had a car stereo system next to me. I tuned the radio to 105.7 FM and got static. I then tuned it to 105.9 FM and I could hear some music and a lot of static. I then pressed another button and the display had "105.9 FM Digital". The voice said "Here's Katrina and the Waves", and they played "Walking on Sunshine". I listened to Walking on Sunshine through the remainder of the dream. I skated into the abandoned parking lot and turned around. In the dream I remember feeling cold. I saw a bank sign in the distance that had time, date, and temperature. The date was 3:00PM Dec. 13 and the temperature was 60 degrees. Also, the sky was cloudless and the sun was close to going down. I skated past another sign that read "Rest Area". It was right next to a sewage treatment plant.

When I skated to the other end of the highway the sign said "Exit 187, 76th Place, All Traffic Must Exit" The exit ended in somebodies driveway. I did not exit and I skated into a construction area. I saw all the teachers that I did not like from elementary school building the highway. The principal was the one behind the transit scope. I walked up to him and he had a big smile on his face. He told me that when they were done building the highway, it was going to end in a farmers wheat field 187 miles to the south east. He was real proud of his highway but not for long. I decided to tell him that his road was not quite up to standard.

I told him that he was building it wrong. First I explained to him that the driving lanes were supposed to be 3.6m wide and his were only 3.5m wide. Then I told him that it needs to have a shoulder on the right side that's 3m wide and a shoulder on the left side that's 1.2m wide. Then I said that the median was not wide enough and the road signs were supposed to be green instead of blue. I was not done with him. I said the speed limit should be 65 mph, not 55 mph.

The other teachers started to whine and cry so they gave up and went home. The principal said "Well, fine, theres a highway in Texas that has purple signs, how come we cannot have blue signs?" I replied with "Pointing to another wrong does not excuse yours". Then he started pouting and kicking his toolbox around. The dream ended here.

THE REALITY When the dreamer woke he associated the dream with his father. It reminds him of his fathers failed business. The dreamer was self employed himself and thought he gave his dad good advice but he did not listen to anybody. Instead, he got upset and said "If I cannot do this by myself its just not going to get done. From now on the dreamer decided to never try to help out in such a way again. He had tried to encourage his father to think in new ways. This had totally failed. His father wanted to do things in his own way.

THE INTERPRETATION If you wake up and think of an issue then its likely that the issue maybe connected. This maybe the case.

One good link here is the sewage treatment plant. That would symbolise how the dreamer is dealing with the bad feelings associated with his fathers failed business. Factories of any kind tend to link to how feelings and thoughts are constructed. So here the dreamer is looking at how bad feelings are created within the mind. In this case he realises that he was trying to help his father when he should have just allowed him to get along with things.

Farms are symbolic of the ways in which we try to encourage others to think in certain ways. We are trying to help certain ideas take root in others. Here all the roads are well constructed except the one towards the farms. That is consistent with the new thoughts in the dreamers mind. He does not want to go in the direction of helping people. That's why the road is well constructed except for the area heading towards the farmer.

A great emphasis is placed on radio signals. These are symbolic of people listening to the outside world. There is a difference between digital and FM signals here though.

Perhaps that shows that there is a difference in generations. The digital signal represents modern ways and the FM signal old ways. Perhaps then the issue links to generational differences in that the father is from a different generation and maybe has different ideas and expectations. Younger people are maybe more likely to listen to advice and to participate in an "information culture".

The dream also links to a lot of details(it dwells on the width of gauges) and maybe has precise info about what the son knew - precise knowledge of running a real business. That is what happened in real life as the dreamer advised his father to use the Internet for his business.

In the dream the dreamer is on rollerblades. This is an intensely personal way of travelling. It perhaps shows that the dreamer is heading in a direction and thinking in ways that are intensely personal.

The connections with real life are few in this dream. Its a difficult dream to analyze. But there are some links to reality here. The link with the farms is a strong one. The symbols certainly seem consistent with this issue that was dominating the dreamers mind the night before. It is just missing one or two vital direct links. But it certain could be seen as linked to this issue.

Symbolic Meanings
BRIDGE : "emotional junction - the dreamer realises it was pointless trying to help his father as he never really wanted to listen to advice"
FARMER : "people who inspire us and encourage us in some ability or behavior - the dreamers attempts to inspire and encourage his father"
PARKING LOT : "life at a standstill in some way"
RADIO WAVES : "tuning in too how people see the world - the dreamers father sees the world in a totally different way"
RESTAURANT : "trying to get someone interested in your ideas"
SEWAGE : "the possibility that unwanted emotions spill out in an out of control way"
TRAFFIC : "personality clashes and conflicts with other people - the dreamers clashes with his fathers personality which is heading in the other direction"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have now decided that I will never help anyone in the way that I tried to help my father with his business. I do not think he ever tuned in to what I was saying. He just went ahead and did what he was going to do"

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