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Man stops me in a huge house - dream symbolism

A man obstructing the dreamer was an obvious metaphor for the problems the dreamer faced in real life.

THE DREAM - I was in this huge house. There was a room I was in and I could not get out. There was a man stopping me.

THE REALITY The dreamer was trapped in a certain problem in his life. Once the problem went away the dreams stopped.

DREAM SYMBOLISM In the dream the dreamer was trapped. That is a string clue and usually represented some way in which the dreamer is trapped. In this way the dream signified how the dreamer was trapped in a certain way of thinking.

Men in dreams represent negative male emotions such as determination and stubbornness. This was the how the dreamer tended to react. It was a problem with the people around him.

The large building represents the wider world. So this dream also links this problem within the wider world of people who come into contact with him. In this case the huge building represents the impact the man has on the outside world.

Symbolic Meanings
HOUSE : "your own personality and how you adapt to things happening "
HUGE HOUSE : "your own personality and how it is shaped and molded by the outside world and the feelings of other people"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am stuck in this problem"

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