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Paralysis dream

THE DREAM I was in halls of residence at my univeristy. I had all my things in the corridor and it was probably quite disturbing to others. I was later given an extension to stay in the halls for the summer. I then started freaking out. I was saying I was paralysed and unable to act.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The dreamer did seem to suffer from some kind of paralysis of the personality. He was unable to plan ahead, was constantly disorganised and suffered constant depression. He had not settled properly into jobs all his life.

DREAM ANALYZED In some ways this is an easy dream to analyze as paralysis is an easy symbol to understand. Paralysis in dreams can often show that you feel unable to act or react in a sensible way. That may mean that you were paralyzed in a particular situation the day before. It may mean that you are paralysed in general as you are unable to plan things out properly. You are unable to organise your life properly and just drift. This second meaning was very relevant to the dreamer at this time as he had noticed how he was still drifting through life.

In the dream the dreamer is back at college. What is the symbolism of this? Why is he a student? Occasionally people use a phrase like "he has been a student all his life". What they mean is that the person has never settled into adult life. They have maybe got a poor work record. They are still quite immature and have never truly grown up. This was a relevant theme in the dreamers life. He was quite immature and had never settled into adult life.

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