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Poisonous Gas

THE DREAM I dreamt I was waiting for a plane in large room with glass walls and entrance at the front. Security came and informed everyone that poisonous invisible gas bomb had been let off and it was deadly infected anyone who breathed it in. Everyone rushed outside but some were infected with the poison as they had breathed it in. I had not been infected.

Next I was in a caravan nearby waiting for the gas to clear. Several other people in the caravan were infected but were waiting on details from security as to what to do, they knew they had a few days before they would be dead.

The people in the caravan were playing darts to pass the time. One man joking threw a dart at someone and the dart somehow was now infected. He joking turned to me and I knew he was about to throw the dart at me and hadn't realised that if he got me it would pass the poison infection to me. I tried to warn him but it was to late. The dart hit my hand and spiked it, blood coming out. I knew I had a few days before I would be dead.

Next, I was in Cairns (place in Australia) with my friend who is very bright energetic and positive. We ate the fruit of a tree that had rice-like flowers and tasted like coconut. Few people ate of this tree. The flowers we ate had healing properties and I was saved.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The day prior to the dream I was feeling alive,energetic positive and confident. I have had several challenges recently that I have overcome. I am learning how to let go and not give negative people around me the emotional reaction that they sometimes try to activate within me with their hurtful behaviour.

Posted at July 16, 2012, 19:01 by jasmine (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED July 17, 2012, 07: 2: 54)
I don't think I can add much to your interpretation.

On thing I did notice is that someone was joking in the dream. I have noticed that joking in dreams can often be linked to barbed comments - things that people say that go just a little too far - yet which can be dressed up as banter. They will often link to people who are trying to subtly get at you.

Is this the case with your situation?

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