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End of the world - dream analysis

In this dream the end of the world was a symbol for the dreamers depressive outlook. He always tended to look on the dark side.

THE DREAM I had a dream where there were three men trudging along. It seemed to be the end of times. Some mutant men were walking after some apocalypse. At some point in the dream - either before or after I dreamt of a happy scene with three men laughing and talking. The atmosphere was generally good (almost idyllic).

THE REALITY The dreamer tended to look on the dark side. He was always thinking the worst.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream offers two different views and they seem to be in complete contrast. That probably hints at its meaning. One of the scenes is happy and idyllic whilst the other is the complete opposite. Try to think how this could represent an actual thought. Dreams can represent actual concepts in our minds - they are linked to how we store feelings. This dream is an excellent metaphor for freedom of choice and freewill. We all have the ability to look at the world in a pessimistic way (end of the world) or instead to look positively. So the dreamer had to continue with his deeply depressive tendency to look on the dark side or to snap out of it and enjoy life.

Dream Dictionary Symbols
END OF THE WORLD:"I have a tendency to be pessimistic"
GOOD ATMOSPHERE: "Its possible to look be optimistic"
THREE MEN: "we are all free (three) and have the ability to choose our own destiny."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I realise that I tend to be highly depressive and always look on the dark side. I need to brighten up - its my choice - only I can decide to be happy"

See how the different symbolic meanings join together to capture a the concept of freewill and the dreamers need to make the most of his life.

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