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Dream - judge,frown and cheating

Dream symbols are not important by themselves - instead they represent important emotions and situatons that we associate with them. In this case "judges" are a symbol for "fairness" and "treating people fairly."

THE DREAM I was being told off by some judges. I was allowing two blond guys to cheat. I saw a foreigner who was frowning.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently been told off for not applying rules at work. He was aware of this. He was allowing some people to get away with not paying. He realized that he was actually showing favoritism. He thought he was trying to be nice to people yet deep down he understood he was really just applying the rules in the way that he liked.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams tend to be about recent events. They also tend to be about ideas developing in your mind. The day before this dream the dreamer was thinking particularly about recent criticism he had faced at work. So how could the dream relate to this?

Try to make associations in dreams. Judges can link to ways in which we are judging ourselves or ways in which others are judging our own actions. In this case the dreamer had been personally criticised for his behavior at work. He was not enforcing the rules properly.

The foreigner was perhaps linked directly to the symbolic meaning here. The dreamer was applying rules less strictly to people he liked and whom he considered friends. Yet those outside the group of favorites were not receiving preferential treatment. The foreigner represents people outside that group of favorites - an outsider.

Symbolic Meanings
FOREIGNER FROWNS: "The dreamer was applying rules less rigidly to people whom he liked. He was showing favoritism "
JUDGE : "The dreamer was being judged by his employers - he was acting unfairly "
JUDGE : "The dreamer was judging himself - he realized that his actions were unfair. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I keep thinking these good excuses to explain my behavior. yet I know that I am showing favoritism. I apply the rules less strictly to those that I consider friends."

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